What is People First?

Simply, it’s a philosophy of governing that puts people and community – residents and taxpayers – first.

It’s a system of inclusion for all races, sexes, and nationalities and ensures equitable approaches to government spending, public services, capital improvements and redevelopment efforts.

The People First initiative ensures that our local government, including commissioners, city staff, and its consultants and contractors, are not only mindful of the affect their work has on the people of Pompano Beach but also that they make the right decisions that will benefit our residents.

The People First Initiative will help our city to enhance and step up its fight to improve the social and economic climate of west Pompano as well as east Pompano. It will reinforce our efforts to end homelessness and eradicate poverty. It steps up our efforts to provide affordable housing and other quality of life services and amenities to the people who need it most.

When we govern from a position of serving and protecting people, everyone wins.

#PeopleFirst #UnitePompano

Vote Tuesday, November 4th! Elect Whitney Rawls for District 4 Commissioner of Pompano Beach.
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