What is Pompano First?

Pompano First is a new approach to us ensuring the success and survivability of our local businesses. It’s our way of saying to our local business community that we support you and we want to see you prosper. It’s an understand that if we don’t help our local business community succeed then we don’t succeed.

The concept is not new. Many cities, and even states, around America have adopted policies and strategies that recognize the importance of locally owned businesses. Why? Because locally owned businesses are the backbone to their community’s local economy.

A local, Pompano First initiative will create a greater sense of pride in District 4 and Pompano Beach, a stronger community, better jobs, increased workforce training, and so much more. It’s a system of promoting our local businesses, creating collaborative opportunities between the public and private sector, including our non-profit organizations. It expands on the efforts of our local chamber and other economic development resources. It magnifies our “Buy local. Be local.” campaigns. And, ultimately, it ensures that all can survive.

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Vote Tuesday, November 4th! Elect Whitney Rawls for District 4 Commissioner of Pompano Beach.
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